Incorporations by Reference – Vol. 13

by Ryan Alley on June 8, 2012

in IP News and Commentary

Brief mentions of IP stories floating around in the past couple weeks that I haven’t addressed elsewhere.

-The USPTO is testing a new option for filing an Information Disclosure Statement after issue fee payment without an RCE. [USPTO]

-Nominations for the Patent Public Advisory Committee and Trademark Public Advisory Committee are due Monday June 11. [USPTO]

-USPTO proposes new rules and huge discounts for the newly AIA-defined micro-entities. [USPTO]

-Alien prequel? Supreme Court GVR‘s Ultramercial v. Hulu in the wake of Prometheus. [Patently-O]

-“It is commonplace in the cyberworld for public officials and commercial establishments to be maligned by intemperate users of the blogosphere who hide behind anonymity or pseudonymity as a cloak of protection.” I’m guessing TTAB judges read IP blogs. [TTAB]

-MOAR BPAI Judges! [Director’s Forum]

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