Incorporations by Reference – Vol. 14

by Ryan Alley on July 17, 2012

in IP News and Commentary

Brief mentions of IP stories floating around in the past couple weeks that I haven’t addressed elsewhere.

-Judge Richard Posner: There are too many patents. [The Atlantic]

-Judge Arthur Gajarsa retires from the CAFC after less than one year in senior status, moves into academia. [CAFC]

-Final Rules on AIA Preissuance Submissions are published. [Federal Register]

-Director Kappos backs off some promises of relief in new appeal fees. [Director’s Forum]

-“We are living in an age of retrenchment with regard to patent law, where thirty years of Federal Circuit precedent . . . is being reconsidered by the inconstant, almost fickle attention of the U.S. Supreme Court.” -Kevin Noonan on AMP v. Myriad remand. [Patent Docs]

-RJ Reynolds, having lost an invalidity challenge at the Federal Circuit, may be getting some cert traction from amici Google, Intel, Facebook, et al. for the Supreme Court to revisit current indefiniteness standards. [Supreme Court Docket]

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