Incorporations by Reference – Vol. 16

by Ryan Alley on October 8, 2012

in IP News and Commentary

Brief mentions of IP stories floating around in the past couple weeks that I haven’t addressed elsewhere.

-Patents need a public relations intervention. The NYTimes and Ars Technica add to the growing pile of negative (software) patent stories, without much discussion of positives or solutions besides “get rid of them.” Gene Quinn attempts to refute Ars. [New York Times]

-Supreme Court grants cert in a couple noteworthy patent cases involving self-reproducing technology and malpractice. [SCOTUSblog]

-I would argue the provision of the America Invents Act with the greatest impact on Applicant behavior will be USPTO Fee Setting Authority, which the Office is exercising to exquisite effect. Let’s hope they get to keep all their fees. And note fees just got a small bump on October 5 to account for inflation.  [USPTO]

-Might the USPTO start accepting and making available submissions in editable and analyzable format? Sounds like a good idea, although I bet Adobe hates it. [Director’s Forum]

-Bill Vobach blogging over at 717 Madison Place has an interesting post on Federal Circuit tendencies in hearing and deciding en banc cases, and, more importantly, beer. [717 Madison Place]

-The AIPLA Annual Meeting is approaching at the end of this month in Washington DC. Register by October 11 to be included in the participant list. And please drop me a line or say hello if you’re going to be there! [AIPLA]

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