Where Did It All Go (Wrong)?

by Ryan Alley on November 20, 2016

in General

You may have noticed that this blog hasn’t updated for some time (and if you didn’t notice, I perfectly understand). Frustrating when blogs and public commentators just disappear without notice, isn’t it? My apologies for doing just that.

So here’s a final post summing things up for Ryan Alley IP Blog and closing out this page, because finality is great. Why did this blog stop? I originally hoped blogging would be both a way to keep me occupied after starting my own practice as well as effective client development. These days, I’m fortunate that my income-earning activities keep me very busy. The flip-side is that other activities – like blogging – take a hit unless there is increased interest to sustain them. While I’ve kept active in AIPLA, Inn of Court, and other professional activities, the interest just wasn’t there for blogging. I still enjoy analyzing and commenting on recent IP developments, as I did in most posts here, but I can just as satisfyingly (and perhaps with less professional risk) do so in private without the timesuck. I also have to admit that, relative to the recent changes in the IP landscape and the country, I feel there is increasingly less value in taking lessons from individual CAFC cases, which many of my posts did. As for client development, this blog found an audience (of almost 500 visits/day at its peak in 2014) mostly among other attorneys in private practice and not so much among quality, volume clients. These two factors eventually conspired to kill my posting schedule last year.

There you have it. All older posts have been archived, and this whole page will be removed from the site probably just after the new year. Thanks again to everyone who has read, written responses, commented, and shared this blog over the past 5 years. For a time, it was awesome. But all good things…

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