Office Overview

Ryan Alley Intellectual Property Law provides solutions for all IP matters.

Our success is personally tied to our clients’ successes, which we are committed to delivering through premier work product for every IP service. While we pride ourselves on our quality, our office also takes full advantage of technology and workflow management for first-rate responsiveness with minimized costs. Our paperless processes and waste-averse mindset also support a green office environment.

Whether you are a multi-national conglomerate, a tech start-up, or a research institution, Ryan Alley IP invites you to experience the benefits of our expert professional services and innovative operations. Please contact us and explore how we can start meeting your IP needs.





We provide a full range of services in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret matters. Our exclusive focus and expertise in intellectual property law permits us to provide the most up-to-date and in-depth legal counsel in this field that rapidly changes with technology and policy.


Each client comes to the table with unique goals in seeking patent protection, and we customize our approach to best meet those goals. Whether it is a keystone patent to start a small business or secure venture capital, a robust portfolio across an entire technology sector to enhance cross-licensing, or a family of defensive patents that ensure critical services remain available to customers, we focus on obtaining and enforcing the highest quality patents and providing our clients with the best advice and strategy based on agency procedure and frequently-changing rules. Our patent prosecution practice draws from several years of representation before the US Patent and Trademark Office across several different stages of patent procurement – from IP harvesting, to application drafting, to prosecution, and to appeal – in utility, design, reissue, and accelerated examination applications. Our office takes maximum advantage of electronic filing and the Examiner interview process to timely drive prosecution to its most effective outcome.

We assist clients in leveraging their patent assets through monitoring, evaluating, and licensing both clients’ and their competitors’ patents and products. We provide opinions and ownership transactions that, like all our patent practice, are crafted around the lessons learned in rulemaking, opinions, and litigation before the USPTO and courts.


Trademarks protect the quality and authenticity of our clients’ brands. We provide trademark procurement and enforcement strategies focused on growing and protecting these brands. Our services include trademark registration, maintenance, policing, and enforcement in the USPTO and courts. We further advise clients in domain name disputes and e-commerce issues.


Copyright can arise almost anywhere tangible expressive content is created, oftentimes in combination with other IP rights like patents, trademarks, and publicity rights. Our copyright practice is especially mindful of this ubiquity and is vigilant in identifying potential copyright issues in logos, domain names, product designs, software code, GUIs, and design patents. In addition to copyright identification, we assist clients in copyright registration, licensing, and enforcement strategies.

Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition

Sometimes patents and copyrights make little business sense; keeping an idea or know-how secret can be a better approach to preserving a competitive edge. We aid clients in determining when to, or when not to, seek IP rights that require disclosure, and how best to do so. Our trade secret and unfair competition practice includes information safeguard due diligence, nondisclosure agreement preparation, and employee non-competition issues.


We structure our fee arrangements to drive quality, value, and transparency. All our rates, fees, and billing procedures are negotiable and crafted to fully accommodate our clients’ budgeting, forecasting, and auditing.

Our office offers a variety of billing arrangements to clients, including project estimates, fixed-fee services, fee-capped hourly billing, and volume discounts. Our fees are designed to deliver maximum value for services, with minimized overhead and third party costs. At Ryan Alley IP, Mr. Alley works directly and transparently with you, ensuring all fees match the work you requested and value received. Please contact us for a schedule of flexible rates and fees.